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Stargate Dynasty

Pink Tourmaline

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Color | Pink

Chakra | Heart

Zodiac | Libra

Ruling Planet | 

Sacred Number | 9



Relaxation, wisdom, compassion, emotional pain, destructive feelings, dysfunctional endocrine system, heart, lungs, skin, protection, detoxification, dysfunctional endocrine system, heart, lunch’s, skin, protection, detoxification, spinal adjustments, balancing male-female energy, paranoia, dyslexia, hand-eye coordination, assimilation and translation of coded information, bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, pneumonia, energy flow, removal of blockages 


Pink Tourmaline is an aphrodisiac stone that attracts love in both the material and spiritual world. When placed over the heart, it assures you that it is safe to love. This stone inspires trust in love while pointing out that it is necessary to love oneself before others can hope to be loved. It assists in sharing physical pleasure and activates receptivity to healing energies.