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Stargate Dynasty


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Color | Purple

Chakra | All

Zodiac | Libra

Ruling Planet | Jupiter, Neptune

Sacred Number | 8



Addictions, anorexia, emotional or mental dependence, bipolar disorders, nightmares, stress, obsessive thoughts, despondency, emotional lability, digestion, muscle relaxation, allergies, anger, depression, immune system, restructuring of DNA, generation of negative ions, exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s nerve pain, neuralgia, joint problems, detoxification of the skin and connective tissue, menopause, illnesses cause by sick-building syndrome, computer stress, repeat effects strain injury and tendonitis. 


Dissipating negativity and inducing calm is excellent for clearing electromagnetic pollution and should be placed on computers or gridded around the house. Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good as a stone of transition and brings about reconciliation. Activating and opening all chakras, it brings in cosmic awareness. Lepidolite assists in shamanic or spiritual journeying and accesses the Akashic record. Showing you thoughts and feelings from other lives that are creating blockages in your life now, this crystal can take you forward into the future. Contain lithium. It helps stabilize bipolar disorders. It gently removes and restructures outworn behavioral patterns, encouraging independence and achieving goals without outside help. Placed over the site of disease, it gently vibrates. Its power of objectivity and concentration aids analytic processes and decision making, focusing on what is essential and filtering out distractions.