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Amethyst is a powerful crystal that cleanses the aura of negative energies and shifts energy blocks that may be causing pain.  Associated with the crown chakra it soothes headaches, stress and tension.  

Clear Quartz is a very high vibration crystal known as the master healer.  It brings balance and harmony to all of the chakras but specifically works with opening the crown chakra which can ease headaches.

Green Adventurine is a useful crystal stabilising emotions and reducing stress.  Its a heart centered crystal, so it has a soothing, empathetic and nurturing energy.  It can also clear blockages caused by mental or emotional issues while bringing in a sense of inner peace.  This helps you relax and feel less stressed.

Lapis Luzuli is an aid in treating headaches, sinus pressure, nausea, vertigo and vomiting.  Its calming energy opens the third eye chakra and resolves imbalances and also helps with releasing pain and soothing the nervous system. 

Moonstone is one of the best stones if your headache is caused by emotional stress or a hormonal imbalance.  This energy, linked to the lunar cycle is perfect for when you're feeling burnt out and overburdened.

Rose Quartz's calming feminine energy is wonderful for transforming negative energy into a loving energy.  It can raise the vibration of your heart chakra which can ease fatigue and helps you rise above the small daily challenges of life easing tension and stress as a result. 

Selenite has a beautiful calming nature and has a powerful ethereal quality that quickly unblocks stagnant energy leaving you with more peace and serenity.  By promoting a positive energy flow, selenite relieves the exhaustion and fatigue that can be linked to migraines.  Headaches tend to cause the upper chakras to close.  Selenite re-opens them which the eases pain. 

Turqoise is a combination of the hearts green and the throats blue colors.  This is a powerful crystal for expressing repressed feelings, thoughts and emotions which are often the cause of headaches.  It is done through opening and balancing the throat chakra.