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Stargate Dynasty


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Color | Red, Orange

Chakra | Base, Sacral

Zodiac | Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio

Ruling Planet | Sun

Sacred Number | 6



Analytical ability, dramatic pursuits, courage, vitality, metabolism, concentration, envy, weak memory, anger, emotional negativity, nosebleeds, infertility, frigidity, impotence, increasing potency, physical wounds, blood disorders, food assimilation, absorption of vitamins and minerals, hearts, circulation, blood purification, female reproductive organs, lower-back disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, depression in advanced years, bodily fluids, kidneys, accelerates healing in bone and ligaments, stanches blood, headaches.

Carnelian is an energizing stone. It's a vibrant motivator, quashing donuts to have a confident path forward. It's known as the 'singers stone' because it makes the user's voice transparent and robust. If you're a performer, a carnelian will alleviate stage fright and help you come into your own on stage. It's great for anyone in the arts because of its creativity-boosting power. This mineral's fiery appearance translates to its emotional properties. Use it to balance the sacral chakra, which will increase passion and energy and strengthen your sense of identity and self-expression. Carnelian is associated with increased blood circulation and can alleviate symptoms associated with PMS.