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Stargate Dynasty

Black Onyx

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Color | Black

Chakra | Root

Zodiac | Leo

Ruling Planet | Mars, Saturn

Sacred Number | 6



Making wise decisions, self-confidence, centering, vigor, hearing, steadfastness, stamina, grief, overwhelming fears, quelling sexual desires, balancing yin and yang, teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders, and feet. 


Black onyx is a stone of strength - emotional and physical. It enhances feelings of self-confidence and courage. It’s also a stone of stability and is very grounding, especially during times of transition. If you’re feeling the weight of an old emotional wound, onyx will help you release the sadness and grief. In addition, it has the power to balance adverse energies. Aggression and intensity toward a greater good are channeled, becoming the motivation for achieving your goals. Black onyx increases self-discipline and willpower. This dark mineral is a powerful protector and repels negativity. Healers believe it increases stamina and can help replenish you physically after illness or exhaustion.