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Stargate Dynasty


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Color | Varies

Chakra | Varies according to color and type

Zodiac | Gemini

Ruling Planet | Mercury

Sacred Number | 7



Emotional trauma, self-confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, aura stabilization, negative energy transformation, emotions disease, digestive process, gastritis, eyes, stomach, ulcers, lymphatic system, pancreas, blood vessels, skin disorders


Soothing and calming, this stone works slowly but with great strength. A grounding stone with a powerful multilevel cleansing effect brings emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agate stabilizes energy and harmonizes yin and yang. It can bring hidden information to light—Agate facilitators acceptance of yourself and speaking your truth. Overcoming bitterness of the heart heals inner anger, fostering courage to start again. Agate facilitates stable spiritual growth. It encourages the assimilation of life experiences.