The base chakra, also known as the root chakra, is literally your foundation. Located at the base of your spine, it controls the energy for kinesthetic feeling and movement. Because it is the foundation of physical energy and spiritual energy for the body, when out of balance the physical and spiritual manifestations can be very noticeable. If the base chakra is out of balance or blocked you may feel tired, have low energy levels, and no enthusiasm. You may also feel low in spirit, distant, disconnected, and doubtful. There is hope though! Red colored crystals can help unblock and rebalance your base chakra.

Red is the color of passion, energy, and life. It motivates. It is a very strong color—the color of fire and blood. It is emotionally intense and affects humans by raising their blood pressure and speeding up their metabolism. Red is a call to action, a battle cry, and a sign of warning. It excites us, raises our enthusiasm, and gives us energy. Crystals with the red rays are helpful in restoring balance to the base chakra. The benefits of just a few minutes a day with one of these crystals resting between the legs for 5 to 10 minutes are substantial.