When you arrive for your appointment you will be asked to fill out a few forms (first time clients).

You can then lie down or remain seated (fully clothed) on a massage table. Pillows can be added for your comfort. Then you just close your eyes and enjoy! The recipient can start by lying either on their back or stomach. The Therapist applies Reiki using a series of hand sweeps or laying of hands on or above the recipient’s body in various positions. The practitioner may also focus on a specified area depending on the clients’ needs. The practitioner may at some point during the session guide the client to turn over or change positions.

Reiki can accelerate and enhance the client’s innate healing ability, so pain, stress and injury are replaced with health and vitality. Since Reiki is simple and produces measurable results it is a great compliment to any treatment and has no negative effects.

As a treatment approach, Reiki in a non-invasive, intuitive modality which is a wonderful complement to traditional treatments and can help with imbalance that lies within and beyond the physical body.

During a treatment, one can experience many things, through the balancing and dissolution of blockages. Many people feel cold, tingling, heat or pulsating sensations during a treatment. In various situations, acute and even chronic pain can diminish or completely resolve. It is different for every person. Most people fall into a calm, relaxed state of rejuvenation.