The crown chakra is the place of our minds. It is our gateway to the expanded universe beyond our bodies. It controls how we think, and how we respond to the world around us. It connects us to the higher planes of existence and extends our energy beyond our body. When in balance and not blocked, we feel in balance, flexible, we see things as they are, and are not fazed by setbacks. However, if it is blocked or not in balance you can feel uncoordinated, clumsy, uninspired, and generally out of sorts with life. If you have been feeling unsure of who you are or why you even exist, your crown chakra could be out of balance. There is no need to worry though as violet colored crystals can help bring you back to your center.

At the onset of the darkness of winter, the oranges and reds of autumn give way to the deeper winter tones of violet and blue. The skies are darker with less sunshine; the earth takes on the darker hue of winter’s majesty. Violet crystals have the universal life force of magic, dreams, inspiration, and destiny. A variety of therapies are necessary for treating crown chakra balance problems. In addition to violet crystal healing, spend time dreaming and working on coordination by doing such things as Yoga.