"As above, So below."

Who is Aquarius Moon?  A crystal loving, energy working, chakra balancing, intuititive, life coaching, motivational speaking, galactic traveler!  And I absolutely LOVE all things cosmic!  Having a intimate knowledge that all things are energy and vibration has led me to path of healing and elevation not only for myself but the world as a whole.  The modalities that resonate with me the most are Cardology, Astrology, Reiki and Crystals.  I thoroughly enjoy numbers, their meanings and placement in the Science of Cards technology  and how each number in their suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades) interact with planetary placement this card system showing us their unique patterns in our lives and helps us as we unfold the secrets to our success.   Typically when meeting a person, it is almost more important for me to know their birthdate over their name. People lie, energy doesn't!



Symbolized by the philanthropic and objective Water Bearer, Aquarius energy is innovative and avant-garde. From experimental electronic music to community-oriented living, there’s nothing that this sign won’t explore. As the sign that rules groups and teams, bringing people together around a social cause or political agenda is an Aquarian specialty. Aquarius energy is cutting-edge, “out there” and even a little strange at times. This futuristic sign helps us envision utopian worlds. This is the sign of science fiction and inventions. No topic is too cutting-edge under an Aquarian transit: extraterrestrials, stem cells, cloning, robots taking over the earth…yup, Aquarius will go there. While Aquarian influence can make us rebellious and detached from reality (c’mon back to earth!), it helps us see possibilities we wouldn’t otherwise. The essence of Aquarius energy is community-oriented, original, open-minded, fair, logical, humanitarian, connecting, and inviting. The negative expression of Aquarius energy can be guarded, detached, destructive, out-of-touch, irrational, and desperate. Aquarius vibes make us reluctant to express emotions—it prefers rational reasoning and cool-headed logic to the messy tapestry of the human feelings. No surprise that author Ayn Rand, founder of the Objectivist movement, was born under this sign. Objectivism has been a major influence on the Libertarian movement, which has a real Aquarian flavor. It’s an organized system that also preserves individual freedom and limits government intervention. Like Aquarius energy, it’s “fringe” and mainstream all at once, a fascinating paradox.