The day you were born is the day you stepped onto the world’s stage and the day your drama began. Your birthday was the first day that you started to experience the life your soul chose for you before you were born.

Your birthday is governed by one of the 53 playing cards (52 plus the Joker). These cards represent personality archetypes, symbols of our personal expression, that reflect with amazing accuracy what the important elements of our life will be like. When you study the meaning and significance of your Life Card, you will gain invaluable knowledge about yourself. You will better understand what your talents and natural gifts are, what type of work or hobbies will bring the most satisfaction, how you interact with others in personal relationships, what your biggest challenges are, and how you can get the most from your life by using the energies that come most easily to you.

Beyond self-understanding, these cards contain an uncannily accurate record or script of your entire life. Each year of your life is divided up into seven, 52-day time periods. Each period has a script which accurately reflects what will happen to you during that time period. This system has been called the most accurate one ever discovered and everyone who has looked into their own cards is amazed at what they discover. They are astounded by the insight and revelations into their personalities and the events of their lives that this ancient system of Cardology offers.

The cards reveal your life’s plan—past, present and future. Knowing your cards, you can:

~ Align perfectly with your soul’s divine plan
~ Discover how to enrich your life in every way personally,
professionally and spiritually
~ Find out when you will have love in your life and with whom
~ Know when you are going to make a lot of money
~ Learn what your natural strengths, abilities and gifts are
~ Understand who you are and why you are here

    Receiving a reading, it can be exhilarating experience.  A powerful reading can upset the balance of your life by showing you so much you had not been aware of.  There can be an inner rebellion against the truth.  But once the awakening has happened, you can not continue with or go back to the old.

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